By data recovery, we mean the process of reaching, accessing, and finding the data that is lost due to corrupted, inaccessible, and faulty storage device that is unreachable with normal procedure. Most of the data is stored and salvaged from the storage devices such as some internet memory, hard disk, USB, or some other DVDs. The data is lost from these sources due to some technical or mechanical reasons and it is not easy to recover the data once it is lost.
Apart from the physical damage, the other type of main damage includes the file system damage and in such case, operating system prevents the data from mounting. In file damage, data loss is recovered by file data recovery system. In all the data recovery cases, our main mission is to achieve the lost data and copy all the wanted files and data in some other storage device that is working properly. Most of the times a LIVE CD is used for the purpose of mounting the data this process can also be handled by the changing the disk partitions to recover the data.

Data recovery software can also serve the purpose in this case and provide you with all the lost files. Most of the file data recovery and data recovery software are easily available on the internet and you can download them free of cost. You have to install the data recovery software free in your computer by running the setup. Once the setup is installed you have to enter the name of the files that are lost due to any reason and the partition of the hard disk in which the data was present. You can recover the data up to a limit of 5 years. That means the data that was lost 5 years ago can be recovered by data recovery software download. click here to get more information Linux System Recovery.