Also known as overnight bags, these are something that is used to carry stuff for weekend tours. Though these bags are small in size than other luggage bags but it has the capacity to carry many things. Generally made up of heavy materials like leather, canvas and jute, these bags are strong enough to hold heavy things. Among the other materials leather is the most preferred weekend bag material because of its durability and other advantages of leather. But before buying a leather weekend bag you should know every product details such as its uses, varieties, design, color and quality available in the market.

Best uses of leather weekend bag

Apart from being a weekend bag these bags have other purposes also.

        Used as a travel bag.

        Used as a sports and recreation bag- the size and portability of these bags make them easy to fill with gear and throw over your shoulder on the way to the big game. From basketball to tennis, these bags serve for all-purpose.

        Men often use the leather weekend bag as a gym bag.

        Sometimes men also use these bags for hunting purpose.

        These bags also serve for business purpose. And leather bags also add some style.

Variety of weekend bag available in market to choose from

        Sole Society Cassidy Vegan Weekender bag

        Kate Spade New York Classic Nylon Lyla Weekender

        Longchamp Le Pliage Large Travel Bag

        Madewell Transport Weekender

        Lotuff no. 10 Leather Weekender bag

        Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 55

These are some top weekend bag available online.

Colors available in the market

As now there are wide ranges of pigmented leather available in the market, leather bags also vary from different colors. Apart from the traditional colors (Black, Brown, Grey) other funky colors like red, yellow, blue, pale green, beige, orange is also available.

So you are getting a variety of leather weekend bag on the market to choose from.