Data loss Happens: it's just as easy as that. The vast majority of critical business and financial documents is stored on company computers. Files and documents can be obtained far more quickly on a computer than in the file cabinet. If set up correctly, those very same documents are available from any place in the world. The plethora of documents that used to fill rows of cabinets currently lives on one hard disk on one computer. To be sure, all your company eggs will reside in a single digital basket.
We often pre-plan our crisis actions in preparation for fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. We take out insurance on our possessions and bodily equipment to make sure that we are able to rebuild and start afresh. But when was the last time that emergency Data Recovery Miami Florida was part of your pre-planning session? Honestly, you are able to build your facility, restock your supplies and buy new office equipment. Nevertheless, without your data, you don't have any organization. It has been estimated that re-entering 20 megabytes of sales and marketing data would take almost 20 days at a cost of close to $17,000. Can your company afford to be down that long or invest that type of money to recuperate? Natural disasters do not happen that often, right? Natural disasters actually account for only about 3 percent of data loss. Hardware and system failures lead to an estimated 44 percent; human error is liable for an additional 32 percent. Hard drives are mechanical and they neglect. People are human and they mess up. Are you ready to recuperate from what constitutes 76 percent of data loss?