Wedding cakes are very pricey. Wedding anything is pricey. It looks like once you attach the word "wedding" itself to anything, the price automatically doubles. Well, one area it is possible to save some money is about the cake.
On a trip to a nearby bakery within my place, I saw the most mouthwatering display of pastries and cakes I've ever seen in my own entire life. Having been to this bakery several times, I understood the costs were comparatively fair. I caught a record of the Safeway Cup Cakes costs and after additional review understood the same cake, shown otherwise (in layers) and for another function (a wedding), was twice the price. Here are my ideas for finding a cake that is good in an excellent price. First find a good local bakery that gives pastries and cakes in various sizes. Why? The final thing you need to do is go in and say "wedding".

It is possible to go in and buy one to sample before you place an order for your big day, in the event the bakery offers little cakes and pastries. Never ask for a tasting. The tasting just provides a way to sell you a dream of a cake that's likely too large for your budget anyhow to the bakery salesperson. After adding all of the extras up for individual blooms and basket weave icing, your cake will most likely be an overdone monstrosity that does not even match the feeling of your event. And, requesting a tasting is a dead give away that the cake is for a wedding.

 No one ever asks to try a cake for a birthday or family reunion. Get a price list ahead of time and go home to examine it. Do not discuss anything. You do not need the staff to overhear you gushing about lavender overlays and seat covers. Be ready to produce some concessions. Who says a wedding cake has to be tiered? Should you genuinely wish to truly save a bit of money, go for a sheet cake that is nicely decorated. All these are only easier to put together from the bakery staff plus they've logistical challenges that are less. It is possible to always jazz it up with fresh blooms (pesticide free) the day of.