How to make pot brownies: few easy steps

If you are an adult and still like cakes and brownies, then we had an upgraded version of brownies. A brownie with weed as a cooking element in it. If it is of your interest, then you need to learn how to make pot brownies. So start with collecting the ingredients. • Unsalted butter – [ 71/2 tablespoons] • Cannabutter –[11/2teaspoons] • Dark chocolate- [6 ounces] • All purpose flour- [1 cup] • Baking powder- [1/2 teaspoon] • 2 large eggs • Sugar –[1cup] • Vanilla extract-[1teaspoon] • Salt- [1/4 teaspoon] Let us start. • Take your oven up to 360oF (177oC). Lubricate the walls of 8inch square... Read more