It is very certain that Cape Verde provides investors with numerous islands as well as multiple investment choice or options that they can choose from; even with the island, which exist at different levels of development. It is very amazing how the prices of cape verde investment have steadily increase over eight months ago; this has been happening in the areas where most of the development and interest of people have been centered on so far. Meanwhile, most cape verde property investment such as islands in places like Sao Vicente and Boa Vista are now following the footsteps of Sal. These islands have now been offering low prices even though investments on most of these islands are very risky; they still bring the investors with enhanced and improved investment potential.
The fact is that islands Santiago and Sal have a very beautiful and attractive airport, in which Boa vista and Sao Vista set to follow in the next two years. Over time, the Island have been offering incomparable and strong potential tourist destinations for people all over the world as more flight are arriving in Cape Verde along with direct TACV services from the UK. Therefore to ensure that investors have unlimited access to various available investment options; it is recommended that any cape verde property should always be located very close and nearer to the beachfront as much as possible. Without any doubt, during destination of beach holiday, Cape Verde usually attracts and appeals to the visitors that will favor the seafront properties with the aid of their beautiful views as well as easy beach access. Therefore selling of your investment even at the latter stage will be a great and incomparable deal that can be easily achieved, if your own units are targeted basically on the beach compared to when it is based on a second line or third line resort.