To know how to save tumblr videos, you must know some important things about tumblr. In comparison with other social networking sites tumblr is the easiest to use, and because of its other features, it is popular among people so much. There are certain tricks which will let you use the app easier and will make your experience enjoyable.
• To let others answers: In your post, you can simply add a question mark in your written post; this will let others answer in your post. • The tips page: Tumblr has its own tips page which you may not know. The page though does not let you know how to save tumblr videos but will give you some interesting features about tumblr. Such as you can display your tags in chronological order, you can browse the dashboard by typing keystrokes rather than keep scrolling it all the way. • Easy to start to follow: When you get a reply to your dash box, you can start following the person by simple step. Click on the person’s blog it will be shown at the right corner of the page. And when you click the person’s icon you will get the option list of start following her or block her etc. along with when you want to follow other people click the explore button followed by clicking your dashboard will give you options of users you may start following. • Dogear: The right corner dogear button lets you know the exact time of the post was posted. You can also get the original link to the post by clicking on the dogear button.
• Tags: You can use tags for more impact in your dashboard. In tumblr the tags are movable. After you write the tags into your post, you can drag them and reposition them as you want. • How to save tumblr videos: The reason tumblr does not provide any download links with its videos is the copyright issue. You may get the answer of how to save tumblr videos,but you must be sure that you don’t download anything copyrighted.