If you have opted to go for the divorce and decided the one you think is Singapore’s divorce lawyer, there are some basics that you need to go through to co-ordinate with the lawyer effectively. Lawyer is the one person you should not hide anything from. Do not hide any important piece of information from the lawyer. Hiding any small fact or information could later be the reason of losing the case. In this article some dos and don’ts are explained to provide you the basics of an effective communication between the lawyer and the client.
Dos to make an effective communication with your lawyer As mentioned earlier you should take care of some points while communicating with the divorce lawyer Singapore. Some of them are listed below 1. Provide necessary documents- Keep all the required documents ready related to the marriage beforehand. This way you would save a lot of time of your lawyer as well as yours too. 2. Explain the situation carefully – Tell all the details carefully to the lawyer so that you don’t leave any important information out of his knowledge. 3. Provide proof of the conflicts- If you are having any evidences of the conflict between you and your partner, submit it to the lawyer. Do not wait for him/ her to ask for the same. 4. Always appear on court dates- Try to appear at the court on every date. This way you would avoid any shortcomings which might occur due to your absence. Don’ts of the communication Things you should not do while communicating with the lawyer are. 1. Telling lies- Singapore divorce lawyer is the last person you would want to tell lies to. If you do that, you increase the chance of losing the case. 2. Getting desperate- Never be too eager to finish the case or put pressure on the lawyer for the same. 3. Shout at the lawyer- Do not show your anger on your lawyer, because he is like the driver to your metaphorical case bus and you would not want him/ her be nervous at any point of time during the case.