As you must have known, the Doctor in the BBC popular TV show, Doctor Who, was an alien. The storyline of the TV show is such that the doctor coincidentally landed on earth with its time machine sometime in the 60s. He actually lost partial control of his time machine, which always travels with him. He had a granddaughter who he enrolled in an earthly school even though he did not really like the Earth initially. It happened that granddaughter who was in school drew a lot of attention to the Doctor. So many people tried to investigate him and two teachers, which he later kidnapped, were part of them.
All these happened with the first Doctor and this was way back in the 60s. It is possible though for you to watch it as it is now on DVD. When you get to shops, you can ask for Doctor Who DVD and it is very likely that you will get. The Doctor had to travel through time again when things became complicated but he also happens to travel to earth again, sometime, later. While on Earth, the Doctor tried to shape the Earth to be a better place. The truth is that the role of the Doctor in the fight against aliens whom at one time or the other invaded the Earth. At some point, the Armed Forces had to employ his services. As the Doctor continued to visit the Earth regularly, he gradually starts developing an affinity for earth and this can be seen in the TV show. This show is the longest ever showing BBC drama series and it had cut across many generations. There had been a lot of modifications since it easiest aired in 1963. In fact, Doctor Who 2005 is like a renewed version of the TV show. The show actually taught a lot of history and science in the beginning. But, as time went on, there were the introductions of aliens and other things that were trending at the time. This is a very successful TV show.