plastidip is a rubber coating which you can use to protect your machinery instruments or vehicles. It’s an air dry coating. It helps to protect machines from dust or any bad things which are harmful to metals or nonmetal. This is a type of solution mainly. But it is flexible and non-slippery.
Brief Idea of cost of plastidip So many people ask what the average cost is of dipping a car or vehicle. Dipping of a car or vehicle means to wrap or coat of vehicle. Plastidip is that material which is used to wrap machinery instruments or vehicles. You will get this in sprayable form from the market. This is mainly a rubber coating. When you spray it to vehicle or machinery instruments, then it will work as second coating after paint. This is the unique way to enhance the color of the vehicle. When you want to know the cost of plastidip, then you should measure the size of your vehicle or machinery instruments. You need a spray gun by which plasti dip kopenwill spray to the vehicle. You can choose high gloss finish or matte finish, but the matte finish is more economical than high gloss finish. In high gloss finish your color will enhance more.
Here you can get an idea about the cost of dipping: • Sub compact – 2 gallons • Compact – 2-3 gallons • Mid-size – 3-4 gallons • Full size – 4 gallons • Minivan – 4-5 gallons • Large SUV – 5-6 gallons Rubber coating distributor in India In India, there are so many companies who distribute rubber coating or plastidip, but among them,flaunturkuler is the largest site in India. The cost of a plasti dip in this site is very less, and they will give you guaranty card also. So if you want to buy some type of rubber coating, just visit